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A large heating plate for this simple to use and easy to assemble 3D printer.

An all in one pack, including:

1 3D printer CR 10 S - 300x300x400

3 spools of OWA 3D filament of 750g

1 XTC 3D smoothing kit (worldwide out of stock due to COVID)

The " LV3D SUN DELUXE PACK " includes a CR 10 S creativity printer and 3 OWA 3D filament spools of 750g in the color of your choice and an XTC 3D smoothing kit (out of stock due to COVID) . An all-inclusive pack with a CR 10 S 3D printer

A CR 10 S with 3 spools of OWA 3D filaments

The CR 10 S printer has high printing precision and can meet the needs of individuals but also small companies producing 3D printing .

Also, its design is simple and is not bulky.

Industrial grade PCBs can print continuously for about 200 hours (under ideal conditions), with mature printing technology and stable performance.

Thus, the CR 10S has a 300x300x400 Heating plate!

It is therefore ideal for printing in ABS , OWA and others ...

The CR 10 S has two motors for the Z axis and a filament detector . the interest of the S is also its new Melzi card and its open firmware that can be flashed in 30 seconds , which allows you to add all the new features of the new marlins. including function G29 for checking the bed.

No more bed problems!

We adjust the double Endstop and the height of the bed once and for all!

The machine then checks that all is well with each new print. You can print for months.

As for the electronic control host, it has been separated from the printing body, in order to be able to guarantee the correct functioning of the machine given its size.


First , you will receive a first package containing your 3 OWA 3D filament spools 750g 1.75mm and your XTC 3D smoothing kit (out of stock) and secondly your CR10 S 3D printer .

Delivery times: 30 to 50 days.


SKU: SD001
PS Owa 3D 750g spool (1)
PS Owa 3D 750g spool (2)
PS Owa 3D 750g spool (3)
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