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  • I3 Metal Motion 3D printer
  • 3 spools of PLA LV3D Luxe 750g filaments

The I3 Metal Motion promises you stability, precision and solidity.  

This pack is more particularly intended for experienced printers for semi-professional and professional use.

The LV3D Metal Motion pack is composed of an I3 Metal Motion 3D printer from Emotion Tech, three spools of 750g PLA Luxe filament from LV3D.

The I3 Metal Motion is a 3D printer from the Emotion Tech brand.

The two watchwords for this machine are stability and precision .

After closely following the reviews and opinions of 3D printers available on the market and thanks to a solid experience linked to their previous printers, Emotion Tech has been able to renew itself and today offers you a solution that is elegant , reliable , robust. and durable : the I3 Metal Motion .

A rigid and heavy structure

To simplify the assembly of their I3 Metal Motion 3d printer, Emotion Tech has significantly reduced the number of assembly parts and added a sturdy steel frame as the main structure . In order to minimize vibration of the machine and enhance the stability, the mark has removed the printed parts at the frame to replace a heavy and rigid structure strengthened.

This 3D printer is also equipped with the Emotronic : a high-performance high-end electronic card designed in France by the company Emotiontech.

An efficient and reliable electronic card

Thanks to a card clocked at 100 MHz which allows a fluid and precise calculation of movements , the 32-bit electronic card guarantees you an increase in printing speed without losing quality . To continue to facilitate the assembly (and use) of the 3D printer , users of the device will have easier access to the connectors as well as to the quick- connect socket (harness ).

Three areas of development for ever more precise extrusion

In order to avoid certain deformations linked to plastic supports, EmotionTech relied on a complete extruder placed on a steel shaft . The brand has developed three axes to adapt its 3d printer to the needs of its users :

  • A very precise flow : thanks to a wheel designed in the factory which allows manual support of the filament.
  • Ease of filament change : thanks to a simple lever that makes it easier to remove or load a filament.
  • The possibility of printing with any type of consumable : thanks to a limitation of empty spaces in the passage of the filament.

Very easy to use software

Repetier-Host is one of the software that can be used with the I3 METAL MOTION : it is intuitive and very easy to use . To help you get started, you can find free online documentation. but please feel free to contact us if you have any questions. This detailed tutorial will take you step by step through the installation process . This software is very successful , it will allow you to see all the movements of the extruder and the support structures but also:

  • control the entire model , a particular area, or individual layers .
  • load or duplicate as many models that match your build plate and print them simultaneously .

The 3D printer is delivered with all the spare parts of the kit and a 500g reel of PLA from the EmotionTech brand

Technical specifications of the printer-3 METAL MOTION

  • Dimensions: Height 440mm, Width 400mm, Depth 430mm
  • Printing volume: 200x200x200mm
  • Layer thickness: from 100 to 350 microns depending on printing parameters
  • Compatible filaments: diameter 1.75mm, PLA, ABS, G-fil, M-fil, Flex
  • Heating bed: yes, up to 110 ° C.
  • Rated printing speed: > 80mm / s
  • Maximum travel speed: 200mm / s
  • Rated travel speed: 150mm / s
  • Average accuracy (X, Y): 100 microns
  • Average precision (Z): 50 microns
  • Electronics type: eMotronic and micro SD card
  • Microcontroller: LPC1768, 32-bit ARM Cortex-M3 at 100MHz
  • Printing using a Hexagon 1.75mm extrusion head (interchangeable nozzles)
  • Nozzle 0.4mm by default (modifiable afterwards)
  • Operating system: Windows XP, Vista, 7,8,10, Ubuntu 12+, MacOs
  • Software supplied: Repetier-Host preconfigured for the i3 Metal
  • USB connectivity
  • Interface: Backlit LCD display with SD card reader INCLUDED
  • Power supplied: 24V, 320W


SKU: PM001
Bobine PLA Luxe 750g (1)
PLA Luxe 750g spool (2)
PLA Luxe 750g spool (3)