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Smooth's XTC 3D kit. XTC 3D is transparent and compatible with various printing materials such as: PLA, ABS and most of the wires for FDM printers Resins used by SLA / DLP printers.

The pack contains 2 bottles for a total of 181 grams of product.

Using the Smooth On XTC 3D Kit

  • Mix the 2 bottles in a container to obtain the desired product.
  • Leave on for at least 4 hours.

How it works?

The mixture applied with a brush is deposited between the layers of 3D printed objects. Once the product is dry. It may then be painted or polished to a matte appearance.

The XTC 3D should be used with care. Irritating to eyes, wear protective goggles and gloves, ventilate the room after use. The Smooth On kit does not contain phthalates or volatile organic compounds.

XTC 3D Straightening Kit 181g

SKU: XT181
€ 24,90Price
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