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Raise 3D PRO2 3D printer

A professional 3d printer for high quality prints.

This Raise 3d printer offers large size prints ideal for your rapid prototyping.

The double extruder, the automatic resumption of printing are real pluses for this RAISE 3D PRO2, undoubtedly the leader of the professional market.

Raise 3D PRO2 3D printer

A professional 3d printer for high quality prints.

Equipped with a 7-inch touch screen, and a completely transparent closed enclosure, this RAISE printer has benefited from great care in the choice and assembly of the materials used in its manufacture.

State-of-the-art Raise 3D PRO2 3D printer.

the RAISE3D PRO2 is the cutting edge of technology, it has many connectivity options (Wifi, SD card, 4 USB ports, Ethernet), printing continuity (built-in battery):

The RAISE3D PRO2 3D printer has above all a double extrusion , and an aluminum frame with a fully closed structure .

The RAISE3D PRO2 is compatible with all 1.75mm filaments and will impress you with its print quality up to 10 microns to bring your most complex projects to life.

Raise 3D PRO2 3D printer has a large build volume!

Print volume: 305mm x 305mm x 305mm it is part of the category of large volume printers.

Watch the Raise 3D PRO2 3D Printer video

With a large-format touchscreen and 10 micron precision, the Raise3D PRO2 is revolutionizing the world of 3D printing. In addition to a large volume, the Raise3D 3D printer multiplies on- board technological innovations : automatic adjustment of the plate, printing resumption with start and stop and WiFi link for complete connectivity.

Prototypes up to 30cm3 with Raise3D

Printing big is now within your reach with the Raise3D PRO2 printer. It is able to print very large pieces 30.5 x 30.5 x 30.5cm thanks to its closed enclosure in Plexiglass.


The RAISE3D PRO2 3D printer has a huge work area . You can print projects up to 12 inches square and 24 inches high on it. The 7-inch color touch screen allows you to configure, trigger and monitor all your jobs.

There are also other ways to control your 3D printer. From your computer using LAN and USB connections, from your smartphone or tablet via WiFi or from an SD card. The printer gives you everything you need to get your complex jobs done more easily. You can even stop and resume printing at any time. Convenient in the event of a power cut.

Double multi-material extrusion compatible with all filaments.

The Raise3D PRO2 printer is equipped with 2 print heads, it is capable of printing with 2 different types of filaments (color or material) for the creation of complex parts or specific needs in a professional environment. With its heating plate, the Raise3D PRO2 is compatible with all filaments (diameter 1.75mm).

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