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PLA (complete polyacetic acid) is a thermoplastic extruded from the starch of plants , such as corn, cassava, sugar cane, cereals or sugar beets. Regarding biological resources, this type of thermoplastic can be biodegradable under the right conditions (like an active compost heap, with sufficient oxygen) and therefore has a much lower environmental impact than thermoplastics derived from fossil fuels.

Premium PLA 3D printer filament is packaged on a reusable plastic spool which contains approximately 2.3kg of filament. Our Coil Packed Premium PLA Filaments are packaged in a silica sealed bag and come in a cardboard box.

Compatible with all desktop 3D printers using FDM / FFF.

General tips and tricks for printing with PLA filaments:

PLA has much less tendency to warp compared to ABS. Therefore, it can be printed with and without a heated print bed. However, if your desktop 3D printer has a heated print bed, it is recommended that you set your print bed temperature to around 40 ° to 50 ° C. Good first layer adhesion is of the utmost importance for get the best results for your prints. There are several tips to make the first layer of your PLA print more suitable for the print bed of your 3D printer.


-Extruder 190 - 225 ° C
-Plateau 40 - 50 ° C

Characteristics :

-Diameter 1.75mm

-Weight 2.3kg filaments

-PLA material

FormFutura - Premium PLA - 1.75 mm - 2.3 kg

SKU: plaform23
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