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Buy the best of PETG filament.

  • The filament guarantees you:
  • Very good adhesion to your print bed.
  • No impact on the environment, 100% recyclable PETG filament.
  • A filament of constant quality.
  • ROHS and REACH certified.
  • High hardness comparable to ABS, odorless when printed.

Many colors available, delivered to you


LV3D PETG filament is a mixed polyester plastic with great rigidity.

This LV3D PETG filament offers increased rigidity compared to PLA LV3D filament . Its high rigidity will allow it to obtain more resistant 3D objects.

This LV3D PETG filament will be very easy to print because its thermal stability has been tested, which allows it a very good adhesion to your printing plate. The LV3D PETG filament guarantees you a very good bond of your printing layers for a solid appearance and almost zero visibility of the layers and print streaks.

This PETG filament will print much easier than ABS filament and without any odor.

Derived from PET, the PETG LV3D filament has no impact on the environment, in fact it is 100% recyclable.

Conformity of PETG LV3D filament:

This PETG LV3D filament complies with ROHS and REACH regulations, which is a quality factor and guarantees the absence of dangerous substances. PETG (Glycolized Polyethylene Terephthalate) is a derivative of PET in accordance with European regulation EU n ° 453/2010.

Use of LV3D PETG filament:

This PETG filament is a real competitor for ABS filament , it offers equal strength to ABS filament but is easier to print. A PETG filament which is resistant to chemicals, will allow you to carry out rapid prototyping in industry. The PETG LV3D filament does not deform and a good cohesion between the layers will be appreciated for the realization of costume jewelry, for example.

Professionals looking for strength will use this PETG LV3D filament because it offers a very good alternative between PLA and ABS.

Print LV3D PETG Filament:

For printing this PETG filament ,   it is recommended to have a 3D printer equipped with a heated bed . We recommend that you print this filament at 245 ° C for a heating plate of 70 ° C, with the fans of your 3D printer adjusted.   at 80% for an optimized visual result.

To increase the resistance even more you can print this PETG LV3D filament with your fans at the minimum but this will have an effect on the quality of finish of your 3D object .

Many colors available, delivered to your home in 24 hours

2 years warranty

PETG FILAMENT LV3D 750g 1.75mm

SKU: PL751
€28.99 Regular Price
€27.99Sale Price
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