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3DLAC lacquer adhesive spray

the essential for the adhesion of your plate.

  • Avoid any deformation.
  • For all types of materials (especially ABS filaments).
  • Strong bond when printing.
  • Easy to clean, the ADLAC product is soluble in water.

A can of adhesive spray to spray on the bed of your 3d printer to avoid the famous warping when printing ABS or PLA.

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Buy 3DLAC spray for better adhesion of your 3D prints

This odorless 3DLAC adhesive spray allows your 3D prints to hang securely on the print bed of your 3D printer.

A few sprays are sufficient to make the first deposited layers adhere in order to avoid "curling" or shrinkage with plastics subject to detachment such as ABS.

3DLAC's adhesion is durable and there is no need to reapply after each print.

If you regularly print ABS filament with your 3d printer

it is preferable to increase the grip of your tray, it is not necessary to clean the tray after use. You can use the 3DLAC spray already sprayed on your glass tray several times. This 3DLAC spray really lasts a very long time (several hundred impressions in ABS and even more with PLA). It is really an essential purchase for the success of your 3D prints.

Even if your plate is not heated and you are using PLA filament , the 3DLAC spray will be very useful to you, especially for large rooms.

Another significant advantage, the 3DLAC spray washes very easily with water. A wipe of the sponge and your tray will be clean.

3DLAC adhesive spray (400ml)

SKU: LA400
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