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Rosa3D's PLA Starter filament has been designed for novice users of 3D printers. Transparent printing with our PLA Starter will allow you to print increasingly complex and challenging projects.

PLA Starter is characterized by low mold shrinkage and absence of unpleasant odor.

PLA Starter prints are also characterized by very strong layer adhesion and high quality reproduction of details.

The filament is made of biodegradable biopolimer.

It is made from food grade elements. However, in the case of products that come into contact with food, certification rests with the manufacturer of the final product.

Strong points

- Biodegradability


PLA STARTER ROSA 3D 800g 1,75mm

  • Caractéristiques Techniques :

    • Diamètre : 1,75 mm
    • Poids net : 800 g (emballé sous vide avec absorbeur d'humidité)
    • Température d'impression : 210-240 °C
    • Température de la table : ne nécessite pas de plateau chauffant (50-70 °C si l'imprimante est chauffée)


    Caractéristiques Physiques :

    • Densité : 1,24 g/cm3
    • Odeur : inodore
    • Extension en tension : 6 % (ASTHME D882)
    • Résistance à la traction (à la rupture) : 53 MPa (ASTM D882)
    • Module d'élasticité en traction : 3500 MPa (ASTM D882)
    • Température de distorsion thermique : 55°C (ASTHME E2092)
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