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Buy the best of the LV3D PLA SKIN filament.

A PLA filament specially designed for making 3D prints of:

  • Your prostheses.
  • Puppets, dolls, Playmobiles, masks, Cosplay etc ...

The LV3D filament guarantees you:

  • Low moisture uptake.
  • Guaranteed without Bisphenol A
  • A filament of constant quality.
  • ROHS certified


Three colors to choose from, delivered to your home in 24 hours

2 years warranty


A new LV3D PLA skin color filament.

The skin-colored LV3D filament is a PLA, produced in FRANCE , in our workshops. A quality filament (Polylactic Acid) , meeting strict and respected specifications. A permanent rigor to offer you a quality filament at the best quality / price ratio. Delivered in a reel of 750 gr, the skin-colored PLA filament is designed with a PLA base meeting standard 3D printing standards.

Definition of PLA:

PLA, in English " polylactic acid " is a polymer, which has a low density. We have designed a fully biodegradable filament with great rigidity. PLA can be obtained from corn starch, which makes it the first natural alternative to polyethylene or bioplastic. Indeed, polylactic acid is obtained in two stages:

1] fermentation of sugars under the effect of synthetic bacteria lactic acid.

2] lactic acid is polymerized by a new fermentation process to become polylactic acid.

A color of choice for this PLA skin filament:

skin-colored LV3D PLA filament

In order to best meet the growing demand for special PLA filament, we have created this color of filament in order to best adapt to the 3D printing of your medical prosthesis, or to the realization of your character in 3D. This LV3D PLA filament, tested and approved on most 3D printers has a diameter of 1.75 mm, and is particularly suitable for professional use but also for individuals.

The printing of this skin-colored PLA filament does not necessarily require a 3D printer with a heating plate; However, in order to increase the grip surface and avoid the phenomenon of 3D printing detachment (wraping), we advise you, if you have a heated bed, to set the temperature of it to 50 ° C. With an extrusion temperature of 218 ° C. (tests carried out on the 3D printer ranges: MakerPi, Makerbot, Tiertime and EmotionTech ). Other brands of 3D printers will receive similar settings with an accepted variation of plus or minus 10 ° C.

A color designed to adapt the color of the 3D printing of your prosthesis as closely as possible to your skin color. It was important for us at LV3D to be able to respect the aesthetics of the patient's prostheses in order to be able to carry out outdoor activities while erasing their handicap as much as possible. It will be very easy with an FDM technology 3D printer to 3D print your prosthesis, at a lower cost.

    Skin-colored 3D filament

    Test our skin-colored LV3D PLA filament, for free at LV3D

    Realization of Albert Einstein in 3D printing with LV3D PLA SKIN Filament

    We offer three colors and the possibility on request, to obtain a small free sample to see if the color suits you. Send us an email in the contact section and you will receive your sample two or three days after your request has been taken into account. It is normal to be able to be sure of the rendering before printing your prosthesis.

    Individuals and especially fans of Cosplay creation can also make, with this PLA LV3D SKIN filament, various masks, disguises, small puppets or figurines with a rendering close to the natural color of the skin.

    As on the photo the realization in 3D of Albert Einstein by our partner on YouTube: GTX. An achievement printed on a DAGOMA DE 200 (the best-selling 3D printer in France) with the PLA PEAU LV3D filament reference 5Y06SP to give you an idea.

      Qualities of PLA LV3D SKIN filament:

      PLA LV3D SKIN filament (ROHS standards)

      The not insignificant element is that this filament is produced in France. Our LV3D workshops meet the strictest production standards, with a virgin base material. Therefore without the addition of recycled materials.

      This PLA LV3D SKIN filament is produced without Bisphenol A.

      A PLA that guarantees you use in all areas of life, for adults as well as children. Another quality factor is: ROHS certification, which at the same time guarantees the absence of dangerous substances in your filament.

      Even though many PLA are sensitive to humidity, PLA LV3D is guaranteed with low sensitivity to humidity , which is particularly relevant. However, remember to store your PLA SKIN filament spool away from humidity and light for better conservation.

      LV3D PLA filament compatibility

      The PLA LV3D SKIN filament is compatible with most major brands of 3d printer, suitable for working with PLA.

      LV3D advice:

      This skin-colored PLA LV3D filament will obtain an exceptional quality of finish improved if you take the time to print slowly. You can set your printing speed to 40% and increase the fan speed of your 3D printer to the maximum.

      The PLA LV3D filament is guaranteed for 2 years.


      SKIN FILAMENT LV3D 750g 1.75mm

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