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An all-in-one pack , to get started in 3D printing including:

-1 3D Machines-3D START printer

-3 luxury LV3D filament spools

-Post-production and maintenance accessories

Best value for money for a connected audience without the hassle!

Why this pack?

As you know, LV3D aims to democratize 3D printing by offering for sale different packs that adapt to your needs and your wallet !

Today we are offering you the brand new LV3D Start Pack,

This pack aims to offer you a brand new closed and secure 3D printer to offer you a unique 3D printing experience and greater ease of use . In 2021, order the best of 3D printing in 2021.

A pack entirely designed for family , school and office use to discover 3D printing as simply as possible.

Who is he talking to ?

The pack is aimed at curious and beginners in the world of 3D printing who would like to start with a 3D printer already mounted and especially ready to use thanks to the three spools of 3D PLA filaments included.

Machine-3D is a brand that particularly targets the family with the secure side of its Start 3d printer but also the school sector by offering a simplified 3D printer , a modern design and an affordable price.

Composition of the pack:

The LV3D START pack is composed of an M3D Start 3D printer , 3 coils of LV3D LUXE PLA and post-production and maintenance accessories: a nozzle cleaning needle and a clamp. The 3D START Machine

The Machines-3D START 3D printer combines both advanced technology and a totally affordable price . Autocalibration , the launch of your WIFI prints and the end of filament detector bring real added value to the printer recognized and prized for its ease of use.

The handling of this printer will also be simplified thanks to its HD touch screen and its software in French .

The closed design and automatic door opening detection of the 3D Start Machine offer total safety and allow the whole family to enjoy it.

The 3D printer is supplied with a magnetic printing plate , 1 roll of 250g Black and Blue PLA , a USB key including the software and the instructions in French , a spatula , a stylus printed in PLA , a filament guide and for finish two power cables : European and USB.

Technical characteristics :

Dimensions: 368 x 381 x 381 mm

Print volume: 153 x 153 x 153 mm

Weight: 10 kg

Consumable type: PLA

Connectivity: USB, USB key, USB cable, Wifi

Printing precision: 100 microns

Number of extruders: 1

3 coils of PLA LV3D LUXE 1kg in the color of your choice!

PLA tends to warp much less than ABS.

Find more details on the pack and especially the M3D Start printer in our article here! (coming soon)

PLA tends to warp much less than ABS . Therefore, it can be printed with or without a heated print bed , like the Machine-3D START.

The mini clamp will allow you to easily take off the supports in post-production and the needle will be used to unclog the nozzle in the event that filament blocks the extrusion . (Find our advice to avoid clogging your nozzle here)

At what price ?

The LV3D START pack has been available since February 2018 at a price of € 639.99 incl.


SKU: PS001
PLA Luxe 1kg spool (1)
PLA Luxe 1kg spool (2)
PLA Luxe 1kg spool (3)
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