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Price: 1800 euros

Condition: used very little (demonstration 3d printer)

Age: 2 years

Aim bigger!

The MakerBot Replicator 5G Desktop 3D Printer has more creative volume . You can imagine positioning many different objects on the same plate , or even printing large elements !

Professional quality!

With a resolution capacity of 0.1mm per layer , its LCD screen and its multiple functions ( launch of printing by WIFI or by USB key, its integrated camera and again its new smart extruder ) the Makerbot Replicator 5G will open up multiple possibilities so that you can create professional looking models .

Strength and speed

In order to make the Replicator 5G tough and durable enough for high-speed printing, the manufacturer gave it an industrial-grade chassis .

Through the 3.5 " color LCD screen,

you have the possibility to directly access your library of objects , to observe the previews of your 3D models and to access the on-board utilities to help you initialize your prints, ideal for trade shows and presentations .

new value: 2490.00 € HT


SKU: MR002
1 490,00 € Regular Price
594,00 €Sale Price
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