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MakerPi is a Chinese company that aims to push the limits of technology when it comes to 3D printing, Since 2012, they are expanding globally to gradually dominate the 3D printing markets.

Remember that the MakerPi brand of 3D printers is exclusively distributed by the LV3D group in Europe.

We are also committed to maintaining service and advice for our professional and private clients.

the MAKERPI P2 3D PRINTER a real rival!

Technical characteristics

Machine size: 410 * 410 * 510mm

Machine weight: 11 kg

Nozzle temperature: 0-260 ℃

Hot bed temperature: 0-120 ℃

LCD: 12864 LCD display

Package size: 570 * 450 * 225mm

Delivery weight: 12 kg

Printing size: 260 * 260 * 260mm

Layer thickness: 0.05-0.3mm

Printing material: PLA

Filament diameter: 1.75mm

Nozzle diameter: 0.4mm

Forming precision: ± 0.1-0.3mm

Environmental requirement: 15-35 ℃, humidity 20-50%

Quality Certification: CE, FCC, ROHS

Software requirement:

Slice Software: CURA-Chinese / English

Support file format: STL, G-code

Required power:

Printing method: micro SD card [TF]

Operating voltage: 24V

Input voltage: 220V / 110V

Average power / maximum power: 155W / 260W


The MakerPi P2 is delivered with accessories that allow it to function properly, Indeed, this printer is delivered with:

-A coil of PLA

-A spool holder

-Two pliers (to clean the nozzle and to cut the filament)

-A micro SD card reader with an 8 GB micro SD card

-A screwdriver for assembling the printer

-A set of Allen keys for assembling the printer

- Screws for printer assembly

-A knife

-A spatula to take off the objects printed on the machine

-A power cable

-A USB cable to connect the printer to a PC

-Spare PTFE tubes

-Serflex to tie the cables

-A rag

Currently, there are different ranges of MakerPi printers, they all have the advantage of being Plug-n-Play (No manufacturing or manual configuration!) And are therefore very easy to use.

MakerPi printers are intended for enthusiasts and also 3D professionals. Now MakerPi offers a real rival in the 3D printer kit market !! no more pug and play Makerpi is suitable for the European 3D printing market.

This 3D printer has a high printing quality (It is also used for parts on demand on our store), It has the advantage like all the others in the same range, of being able to remove the printing plate to be able to take off the print, an aspect which may at first appear to be a "detail" but which is really a plus for its printers!

The real pluses of the 3D MAKERPI P2 printer:

MAKERPI P2 3D PRINTER also has a touch screen, which reinforces the "Plug-n-Play" aspect of this machine while being a 3D printer kit!


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