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The MakerPi M1 It is not expensive, easy to store and very simple to use and yet this desktop 3D printer has everything of a professional 3D printer :

  • Plug and play

  • 1 single button for ease of use

  • Magnetic and flexible print bed

  • Automatic calibration

  • Low energy consumption

The Makerpi M1, perfect for starting 3D printing!

The Makerpi M1 is a desktop 3D printer designed to be the easiest to use on the market. It will be perfect for beginners in the field of 3D printing , families and even for those who do not know at all in new technologies!

The Makerpi M1 3D printer is excellent value for money in view of the many options it offers.

An extremely easy to store 3D printer

Why not have a 3D printer at home, but in most cases it takes up space! With the Makerpi M1 you will no longer have this problem, it measures 19 cm in width, 15 cm in depth and 24 cm in height. Its small size and weight of 2kg will allow you to move it easily and simply store it in a closet, bookcase or on your desk.

The Makerpi M1, a plug and play 3D printer!

Even if there are more and more 3D printer prices that are more accessible for most of the population, there are generally machines in kit form, ie to assemble oneself. When one has the soul of a handyman, it is quite possible to move towards this type of 3D printer kit but it can fail to print correctly if the installation is poorly executed. But with this 3D printer , everything is easier since it is already fully assembled when you receive it. All you have to do is unpack it, plug it in and you will be ready to 3D print.

One button for easy printing

Makerpi3d has decided to push the simple side to the end of this 3D printer . It does not have a selection screen but it has a single button to turn the printer off / on and to start printing. Nothing could be simpler than putting your file on your TF card, inserting it into the machine and pressing the button to start printing your 3d object.

Magnetic and flexible 3D printing bed

For beginners who have never printed in 3d, you may have seen in some videos, makers using a spatula at the end of the print to peel the 3d object off the board. With the Makerpi M1 , you can do without this tool thanks to its flexible magnetic platform that can be easily removed from the tray. This flexibility will allow you to remove your model simply by folding the sides of the platform.

Automatic calibration for the Makerpi M1

This option often available on high-end 3D printers is popular with beginners and families who want to easily print 3D objects. The adjustments and the leveling of the plate are directly made by the machine, which limits failed 3D prints.

A low-consumption 3D printer

And we say thank you to Makerpi for the environment! Indeed, the Makerpi M1 is a 3D printer that does not consume a lot of electricity since it consumes a maximum of 48 W.

Technical characteristics of the Makerpi M1

Brand: Makerpi

Technology: FDM

3D printer size: 190mm x 150mm x 240mm

Weight: 2.2Kg

Package weight: 3kg

Print volume: 100mm x 100mm x 100mm

Maximum nozzle temperature: 220 ℃

Layer thickness: 0.05 to 0.3mm

Printing material: PLA

Filament Diameter: 1.75mm

Nozzle diameter: 0.4mm

Accuracy: ± 0.1 to 0.3mm

Recommended print speed: 40 to 60 mm / s

Software: Cura

Operating System: Windows / Linux / Mac

Connectivity: TF card / Wi-fi

3D filament: PLA

3D printer packaging composition

Makerpi M1

PLA filament spool

TF Card Reader

TF card


Magnetic platform

USB cable

PTFE tube

Spool holder

The Makerpi brand

MakerPi 3d is a brand founded in 2012 that manufacture 3D printers and 3D consumables . Their main desire is to offer their customers innovative technology with professional equipment that will change their lives.

The Makerpi 3D and LV3D teams make it a point of honor to provide quality 3D printers and to offer exemplary customer service.

LV3D is the only official representative and distributor of the MaKerpi brand and ensures the EXCLUSIVE resale and distribution of the MakerPi brand in France via our website.

After sales service and reliability are guaranteed in collaboration with the MakerPi brand and LV3D.


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