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Discover this PLA 3D850. .

NatureWorks (USA) has developed one of the best PLA in the world because it is totally intended for 3D printing.

What does it offer more than another PLA?

  • With the PLA 3D850, warping is non-existent
  • It does not suffer during bumps, twists and is very realistic
  • PLA 3D850 greatly facilitates printing
  • It offers robustness close to that of the best ABS
  • PLA 3D850 is heat resistant (144 ° C TFC)
  • It allows a much faster printing (50%)
  • The final rendering is excellent

PLA 3D850 filament offers strength almost equivalent to that of the best ABS. Shocks, twists, pressures and even heat (thanks to an exceptional TFC of 144 ° C!) Are no longer to be feared.

The manufacture and packaging of this filament have been particularly careful but if it happens, in a very unlikely way that you detect a defect, the defective coils will be replaced.

Recommended use

  • Heating capacity of the nozzle: from 190 ° C to 230 ° C.
  • Radiant heat plate (not compulsory): 45 ° C to 70 ° C.

PLA SAKATA 3D850 1kg

25,90 € Regular Price
23,05 €Sale Price