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The Makerbot Replicator Mini + Direct competitor of the MakerPi M14, this 3d printer is intended for private customers wishing to have high-end printing quality.Offer yourself the Makerbot quality.Very easy to use.Intuitive software.Calibration automatic.Excellent finish.Ideal for individuals, it can also be suitable for education or office automation.WARRANTY AND LV3D SERVICE Makerbot's Replicator Mini + A 3D printer from the manufacturer, Makerbot, well finished and very sober, accessible to individuals. can easily be placed on your desk with dimensions of 30 x 31 x 38 cm, and will perform its functions next to your work computer. The spools of Makerbot filament are directly housed in the cabin provided by the manufacturer in a very discreet. It is however possible to use other PLA filaments such as the LV3D filament, or the Chromatik Filament, or even a very rigid filament compared to a traditional PLA, the OWA filament, etc ... The Replicator Mini + from Makerbot is connected. Like its big sister, the MAKERBOT REPLICATOR +, it also has a USB cable, a Wi-Fi connection and a small camera allowing you to see your 3D prints in progress. The camera will send you an image every 5 seconds, which is enough to be reassured about the quality of your work.A real plus for this 3D printer is that it allows the use of applications from our laptops, on the two operating systems, the most used: IOS OR ANDROID but also the Cloud. You can easily relaunch your prints remotely and optimize your production of 3D objects. Makerbot's Replicator Mini + software: The 3D slicer, Makerbot Print, included with the 3D printer, is very easy to use. With classic predefined settings. However, it is possible, when one has sufficient experience in 3D printing, to be able to increase its functionalities easily, without feeling frustrated. Makerbot Print software allows you to manage, share and print your 3D prints very easily, even for beginners. A 3D printer really accessible to individuals who will be able to discover 3D printing with great ease.Automatic calibration of the plate: This function is a real plus, because not all of them offer it. And it is very nice not to redo your Z offset manually.The printing speed of the Makerbot Replicator Mini +: The printing speed of this 3D printer is 90 mm / s, on average, a little slower than its rival the MakerPi M14 which can go up to 200mm / s. However, to achieve beautiful 3D prints, we advise you to print as slowly as possible. As for the realization of a voronoi 3D printing Summary on the Replicator Mini + from Makerbot: An American 3D printer very well finished and connected. The Makerbot Replicator Mini + 3D printer is perfect for getting started in 3D printing.The LV3D tip: Thousands of educational, training and free 3D models, predestined and ready to be printed on Makerbot Thingiverse.


SKU: RM001