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FormFutura PLA

The Reform Filament is a sustainable initiative created by FormFutura in order to efficiently manage residual streams of extrusion waste and reuse them into high-end filaments. The idea behind Reform is to make 3D printing more sustainable, without compromising on material properties or increasing the price.

ReForm rPLA is based on the same unique formulation as the FormFutura EasyFil PLA range, but consists of extrusion residual streams that are bundled and homogenized into a premium, easy-to-print PLA filament with significantly less environmental impact.

  • 100% reused and recycled filament with maintenance of the unmatched printing properties of EasyFil PLA.
    • Less environmental impact thanks to the quality control and reuse of extruded waste streams
  • Sustainable packaging
    • ReForm is easy to recycle and arranged on reels of recycled cardboard
    • ReForm filament is packaged in recycled cardboard boxes
  • Biodegradable
  • Complies with FDA Food and Drink contact articles
  • Easy to print
    • Printing without warping and no deformation after cooling
    • Improved flow behavior and inter-layer adhesion
    • Good first coat adhesion to many printing surfaces (unheated)


-Extruder ± 180 - 220 ° C

-Platter ± 0 - 60 ° C



-Diameter 1.75mm

- Net weight 1Kg
-PLA material

FormFutura - ReForm rPLA - 1.75 mm - 1Kg

SKU: rpla
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